Healthcare eLearning Center
Healthcare Learning Center
Basic Info on FP & MNCH for Healthcare Providers


Introduction to the Healthcare eLearning Center :


Welcome to the Healthcare eLearning Center. This software offers 10 courses. The courses carry basic information regarding FP & MNCH.

The Primary Audience of Healthcare eLearning Center are Family Welfare Workers (FWWs) at Regional Training Institutes (RTIs) around Pakistan. The courses are devised to specially facilitate the mid-level healthcare providers. However, other officials, that are directly or indirectly related to any field of healthcare may also benefit from this eLearning center.

Registration is totally free of cost. There are no pre-requisites to register.

The Mechanism:

Interesting Features (For The User):

  • Auto Swapping of the MCQs: The software picks any 5 random MCQs for each exam from a pool of MCQs. The MCQs swap automatically each time the user attempts an exam. Similarly, diefferent MCQs are presented to all users for the same exam.

  • Wrong Answers: After each exam, the software displays the wrong ansers of the user (if any).

  • No Time Limit: The study and exam sessions are not time bound. Learners control the amount of time they spend on any particular course. This allows learners to spend additional time on difficult courses and their exams.

  • Freedom to fail:  Let’s face it, real learning requires some failure.  But no one likes to fail in a classroom full of other people.  Healthcare eLearning Center lets you fail without fear.  This encourages exploration and testing of ideas.  With the right feedback you create a great learning environment.  Worst case, you can always start over.  Something you can’t always do in class.

  • Ongoing access:  If you take a class in the real world and need a refresher, you better hope that you took good notes.  Otherwise, you’re out of luck.  That’s not the case with Healthcare eLearning Center.  Ideally, you continue to have access to the online content and resources to brush up on what you learned. 

  • Start Study Where You Left: The user can pass a course in multiple attempts. There are 4 chapters in each course. If you have given exam of chapter#1 of a course and you log out, you can start studying chapter#2 the next time you log in. You have to Click "Chapter#2" button appearing under the "Resume Study" tab.

  • Internet Browser's "Back" Button Disabled During Exam: Once the user starts the exam, he/she can not go back to study the chapter by clicking the "Back" button of the internet browser. If the user clicks it, the page will expire and he/she will have to start over again. This feature is aimed to keep the user focused on learning rather than cheating.

  • Win Your Healthcare eLearning Certificate: After passing 10 courses, win a certificate to certify that you have passed 10 courses related to basic heathcare. The certificate will contain you name, N.I.C number and the list of the 10 courses.


Interesting Features (For The Software Administrator):

  • Dynamic Course Creation: The administrator of the software can dynamicaly create or edit a course from the admin control panel. The chapters of the courses can be created by entring text and uploading images (graphs, flow charts etc).

  • Dynamic Exam Creation (MCQs & Options): The administrator of the software can dynamicaly create, edit or delete MCQs and their options.

  • MCQ Difficulty Analysis: The administrator of the software can see how many times a MCQ was answered correct and how many times false. It gives an idea to the administrator whether the MCQ is too easy or too difficult for the users.

  • Registered Members: The administrator can view a list of all registered members with their detailed information.

  • Login Counter: The administrator can create a log for a certain date, week or month to see that how many people used the software. Login counter also shows the time and information of the person who used the software.

  • Successful Users: The administrator can view all those users who have won the certificate (i.e. passed 10 courses).

  • Trying Users: The administrator can see a list of all users who have active courses and are trying to get certificate.

  • Users Feedback: The administrator can see the feedback/queries of the users and can also reply to them.

  • Email All or Selected Members: The administrator can send an email to all registered members of the software in few seconds. Individual members can also be emailed via this option.


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