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What is the monitor resolution for the best display of eLearning content?

The best monitor resolution to read the eLearning content with ease is 1280 x 768 pixels. Higher the resolution than this, the font will appear smaller. Lower the resolution than this, the font will grow larger.



Can i pass a course in multiple attempts ?

Yes you can. The "Active Courses" section on your home page keeps track of each course you have started to study. Moreover, it keeps track of the chapters under study.

There are 4 chapters in each course. If you have given exam of chapter#1 of a course and you log out, you can start studying chapter#2 the next time you log in. You have to Click "Chapter#2" button appearing under the "Resume Study" tab. If you fail to get 80% (16/20) marks in a course, the active courses section will notify you to resume study of chapter#1 of that course.





What are the computer requirements for using e-Learning?

If you have a compatible browser and internet connection (preferably a broadband connection such as DSL or cable), you should have no problem in using the Healthcare e-Learning Center. A broadband Internet connection is strongly recommended. Slower connections should still be able to access, but will take longer to load.







Recommended Browsers







Can I use my internet browser's "back" button?

No. Please navigate within the system by clicking on links and " N E X T " buttons. During an exam, if you will click your browser's back button, the page will expire and you might need to start over again.

Therefore, kindly read the chapter with great concentration before clicking the " N E X T " button.






What are the best practices for taking online tests?

  • Make sure you have a dependable internet connection; WIRED rather than wireless if at all possible.
  • Use Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer browser with the latest updates. Do NOT use Safari!
  • Make sure you read your instructions carefully before beginning the exam.
  • DO NOT use your browser back and forward buttons.
  • If you lose internet connection, or your browser crashes, log in back and resume study.








What do I do if I encounter problems while taking a test, quiz, or assessment?

If you have a problem while reading a chapter or while taking an exam, log out and log back in. If you still encounter difficulties, click the Contact tab on top menu and write down your problem to the software administrator. Also search your problem in "Video Tutorial" section.






How do I create a profile/new account in Healthcare e-Learning Center?

You can create a profile/new account in Healthcare eLearning Center very easily. Please go to the home page and go to the "Register" section and click "Click here to register" image. Then fill in a short form to complete your registration/profile/new account.






Can't find answer to your question?

Please click the Contact tab on top menu and write down your problem/question to the software administrator. We will add your question to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section if it would be helpful enough for others. Also search your problem in "Video Tutorial" section.













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